New Release Blitz: Big Book Boss by Jessika Klide

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Big Book Boss

By Jessika Klide

Genre: Contemporary Romance | Billionaire Romance | Rom-Com

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In this Hot Billionaire RomCom, a drunken bar hook-up comes back to bite when Samaera answers a horrific job ad written to attract a male personal assistant, and ‘Sam’ is hired sight unseen to the Big Book Boss of Precious Kitty (Females, not felines!) Publishing House.

Meeting him was a total fluke.

Doing him was a BIG mistake.

Or was it?

He was a beefcake at the bar watching the Yankees game with a bro.

Needing liquor courage for the karaoke contest, Samaera inserted herself.

Tipsy from the drinks and drunk on the win, Dixie Doodle does something stupid.

But … #BestSexEver.

Ten days later, she answers a horrifically worded ad.

Clearly intended to attract a male Personal Assistant to a billionaire mogul.

No woman would want to work for a Boss (dick).

But desperate and fearless, ‘Sam’ applies.

Immediately, she is offered the position.

The catch, she has ten minutes to arrive.

Rushing by the outgoing personal assistant, she crashes into Boss Dick's office.

On her knees, she hears, “You’re not a man. Get out!”

But Samaera is a fighter, not a quitter, and threatens a sexist lawsuit.

To which an all too familiar voice from the bar answers:

“Then grab a condom for your heart, honey. I’m going to f—k your feelings.”

Then Bastian realizes who was hired, and he proceeds to rewrite her job duties.

Her feelings are not the only thing he intends to f--k.

Her mantra becomes, “Do a good job. Don’t do him—again.”

But his demand that she be with him 24/7 could prove to be too much.

If only his body wasn’t chiseled and his lips weren’t sculpted.

And she didn’t know how BIG Book Boss is!

Join Samaera and Sebastian for a hot whirlwind billionaire romantic comedy full of steamy scenes in this opposites-attract, grumpy-sunshine new release by #4 Amazon Chart Author Jessika Klide.

*This is a Standalone novel*

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Series Reveal & Preorder: Solhaven Forevers by Liz Martinson


Solhaven Forevers

Love By Sunset – Book 1

Love By Moonlight – Book 2

Love By Sunrise – Book 3

By Liz Martinson

Publisher: The Romance Café

Cover Designer: The Cover Fling

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Love By Sunset #1


Love By Moonlight #2


Love By Sunrise #3



There’s something about Solhaven—Solhaven and love seem to go hand in hand, so beware if you visit.

Laid-back Jake has sworn off commitment, but falls for business woman Emily. Sweet Claire wins over Daniel, who arrives full of despair. Lizzie lacks confidence and is helped through her angst by the mysterious gardener, Anton.

Perhaps it’s the sea air? Maybe there’s a kelpie keeping watch who likes to lend a helping hand?

Whatever it is, true love is found in the tranquil and beautiful coastal scenery of south Wales, with its secret coves and peaceful beaches.

You’ll fall in love with Solhaven itself, and which couple will prove to be your favourite?

Liz Martinson is the award-winning author of four novels, all of which have a romantic theme, but which also contain many of life's issues woven through the hero and heroine's story.

Belonging and Ullandale are published by Next Chapter. Counterpoint has been re-issued with a new cover and revisions under the banner of Larkhill Press and Takeover will follow soon.

Ullandale has received a Chill With A Book Premier Readers Award, and Counterpoint and Takeover a Chill With A Book Readers Award.

Liz has recently signed a contract for three novellas, to be published in the summer of 2023, by Romance Cafe Publishing, and she is also revising a historical novel which, she admits, is a new venture.

She uses research and her own experiences in travel, British countryside, hill-walking and kayaking to fuel her writing.

In her spare time, Liz enjoys a wide range of activities, which include cycling, reading, and taking photographs, as well as cooking and music.

Having completed a Creative Writing course at the University of Lancaster, Liz finished with a Distinction, and in the past has also been a runner-up in the Good Housekeeping Short Story competition.

She hopes you enjoy reading her books, and if you feel you can leave a comment and rating, that would be great. Feedback is always valuable.

Her website can be found HERE, and Liz can be contacted by email  Find her on Facebook.

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Cover Reveal: Mercy Bay by Billie Dale


Mercy Bay

A Romantic Suspense Novel


By Billie Dale

Cover Designer: Pretty Indie Design

Coming May 12

Exclusive Early Release: May 5 on iBooks, KOBO & Barnes & Noble

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From award-winning author Billie Dale comes the story of a mother's fight to keep herself and her daughter out of the clutches of the Cosa Nostra and away from an obsessed stepbrother whose feelings are anything but brotherly.

I needed a place no one would know me.


And as far from everyone in my past as possible without leaving the country.

The island of Mercy Bay is my fresh start.

I’m a new mother with a colicky baby and no support system. Nights of screaming bring the surly neighbor to my door. Big, brooding, ex-hocky playing, infuriating and hot, Walker Wheler is the baby whisperer. He adores my daughter.

Me? Not so much.

I don’t need another man to complicate my life, but I can’t resist Walker. After a night of explosive passion, I discover I’m not the only one with secrets.

When the twisted truth comes calling, I learn that no matter how far or fast you run, the past will always find you in the end.

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Release Tour: Rock My World Anthology


Rock My World 

A Rockstar Romance Collection 

Romance Café Collection Book 21


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US | UK | CA | AU

Read on Kindle Unlimited


Backstage passes and heated glances. Life as a rockstar is one party after another. But can life on the road lead to the love of your life?

Read over twenty-five sexy stories of what happens in the spotlight and when the lights go out. Brought to you by USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors, in a rockstar collection curated by The New Romance Cafe.

Participating Authors:

Arell Rivers

Chele MacCabe

Chelle Pimblott

Claire Marti

CM Peters

Debra Deasey

Harper Michaels

Jackie Paxson

Jazmine Skye

Katie Baldwin

Kenna Shaw Reed

Laura M. Baird

Laurelle Lewis

Leila Coltyn

Lisabelle Chretien

M Leigh Morhaime

Megan Hetherington

Ofelia Martinez

Ryleigh Sloan

S L Hollister

Sera Taíno

Serafina Jax

Sophia Vincent

Tirza Schaefer

Toni Bolton

Trinity Wood

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The New Romance Café is the place to get your daily dose of romance books. 

Hang out with like-minded readers and authors at different stages of their writing journey, in a diverse and inclusive group. 

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New Release Tour: Shattered dreams by Tara Conrad

 ★✩★ New Release Tour ★✩★

Shattered Dreams

Fire and Ice Book 6


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99c Limited Time Only!


US | UK | CA | AU


Running seems to be the theme of my life. I ran the day my sister was abducted. I ran from the pressure of living up to her memory. I ran from being told I was wanted. I ran from everything. I continued running straight into the arms of a sexy and confident Dominant who saw my broken pieces and offered me a place to heal and grow in my submission. 

I was given a glimpse of a future I never dreamed possible, and I thought my days of running were behind me. But just as quickly as they came, my hopes and dreams shattered at my feet. While everyone around me celebrated, I suffered in silence. I was left with a single heartbeat frozen in time. Once again, I heard a familiar voice telling me to run. 

Without an explanation, I left everything behind to try to outrun the suffocating pain. But I’m so tired of running. Will I have the strength to face him, and what will happen when he finds out what I’ve been hiding?

If you’re already a Fire and Ice fan, Brandon and Lana’s story is one you’ve been begging for. If you’re a newcomer, grab a copy of Shattered Dreams and start reading the sizzling series you won’t be able to put down.

Genre | Tropes: 

Contemporary Romance | BDSM | Alpha male | Mafia, | Dark | Emotionally scared heroine

Start the Series here:


About Tara Conrad:

Tara Conrad is a collared submissive and married to her Dominant, George. They are high school sweethearts who are still madly in love. Tara has always loved reading and was encouraged by her husband to start writing. Tara writes sensual and steamy romances you're sure to fall in love with.





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Cover Reveal: Restore by Michelle Fernandez



The Broken and Beautiful Series Book 2

By Michelle Fernandez


Cover Designer: Tiffany Black from TE Black Designs

Release Date: July 24

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Genre | Tropes: Contemporary Romance | Sports Romance | Bodyguard romance | Security | Middleweight Champion | Fake girlfriend.

Amazon: Preorder

US  | UK  | CA  | AU 

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Resist Book 1: 

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The moment Rochelle Reed walked into my gym and interrupted my training, she was unabashed, confident, and downright gorgeous. Her hypnotizing almond-shaped eyes and captivating smile was a sucker punch to my gut, and I wanted her.

Somehow, she managed to break down my walls and unlock the wrought-iron gates around my dark soul. She made me forget the scars of my past. Rochelle made me realize she is everything I ever longed for in a woman.

Without warning, Rochelle was taken from me. The ransom call and complying to the demands came with a heavy price. It’s then I realize, the woman I am madly in love with, has deep rooted secrets, and our past is what brought us together.

But no matter how betrayed I feel, I am putting everything on the line for Rochelle, and will stop at nothing to get her back. Alive.

About Michelle Fernandez: 

Michelle Fernandez lives in Southern California with her husband, children, and two pups. When she's not writing, she's laughing it up with friends and family or simply relaxing!

Contemporary Romance, Romance Suspense and Military Romance are her most favorite genres, and loves happily ever afters... who doesn't? Which is why she started writing in the first place. It started as a hobby. One chapter turned into ten, then a novel was born.

Till I Found You is her first novel. The damsel heroine and the alpha gentleman hero are whom she loves to write about. Making up worlds and characters for readers to fall in love with, is the most rewarding for her.

She hopes that her words give the reader all the 'feels' as it does for her when she writes about them and makes them as authentic as she possibly can.

Go to her website to sign up for her newsletters and 

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New Release: The Billionaire's Fascination by Amelie S. Duncan


The Billionaire's Fascination

The Kept Trilogy Book 2

By Amelie S. Duncan


Genre: Billionaire Romance | Age-Gap | Spicy Romance

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Start the Trilogy here:

The Billionaire’s Arrangement – Book 1



*This book is a continuation of The Billionaire's Arrangement. It is not standalone. *

Paul Crane has it all except for the one thing he truly wants…Me.

I know what you’re thinking. Young design student. Rich, handsome billionaire.

I’m a kept woman, a sugar baby. That’s what all my friends say, at least. And maybe they’re right.

Paul Crane has it all: wealth, fame, and stunning good looks.

Despite all that, I ran as far away from him as I could–all the way back home.

Back to my loving family, endless medical bills, and twisted past.

But Paul can’t seem to stop rescuing me…even from myself.

He’s willing, and all I must give him is everything. And I do, all the way to Rome.

It’s like a dream come true. But really, it’s just a fantasy, and I want the real thing.

Deep down, I know Paul loves me, but grief and fear have trapped his heart in chains.

And now, I may have just ruined my one chance at setting our love free…

About Amelie S. Duncan

Amélie S. Duncan writes contemporary romances. Whether writing in the erotic, sports, or dark genres, all of her stories at the heart are character driven. Her inspiration comes from many sources, including her life experiences and travels. She lives on the West Coast of the United States with her awesome husband and her sweet golden retriever Rosco.






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Cover Reveal: Never Let Me Go by DL Gallie

 ✩ ✩ ✩ COVER REVEAL ✩ ✩ ✩

Never Let Me Go

An age gap small town romance: Silverbell Shore

By DL Gallie


Cover Designer: Alexandra Silva

Release Date: June 2

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AMAZON - Preorder

US | UK | CA | AU




Love arrived when I least expected it. It was lust at first sight, I just never thought he’d ever love me back. 

Bradford Manning was my boss. He was older than me and was technically off-limits, but a chance encounter one evening changed everything. 

Since then, I’d never been happier. Until one day, it all came crumbling down. He broke my heart and sent me away. 

I never stopped thinking about him. I couldn’t. He was it for me. Now he’s back and he wants a second chance, but can I open my heart a second time? 




Love came when I’d given up hope of finding ‘the one.’ I never thought I’d get the chance. Especially not from my assistant, my much younger assistant.

Fern Halstead was the forbidden fruit, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. One kiss changed our relationship forever.

When someone tried to take her away from me, for her safety, I did something I swore never to do, I pushed her away. 

But Fern owns my heart and I want her back. She’s my endgame. Now I just need to find a way to eliminate the threat so I can never let her go again.

About DL Gallie:

DL Gallie is from Queensland, Australia, but she’s lived in many different places all over the world. She currently resides in Gladstone with her husband and two kids. She and her husband have been together since she was sixteen, and although they drive each other crazy at times, she couldn’t imagine her life without him.

Shortly after her son was born, DL began reading again. With encouragement from her husband, she picked up the pen and started writing, and now the voices in her head won’t shut up.

DL enjoys listening to music, drinking white wine in the summer, red wine in the winter, and beer all year round. She’s also never been known to turn down a cocktail, especially a margarita.

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New Release: King of Nothing by Mona Black

 ✩✩✩ NEW RELEASE ✩✩✩

King of Nothing

Brutal Never Boys, #1

By Mona Black


 A Dark RH Romance Peter Pan retelling

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.99c Limited Time only

Purchase HERE


No man has ever managed to satisfy me—until Peter Pan carries me away to Neverland and now all bets are off…

I never thought that there is another reality beyond this one. My life is normal—work, routine, a few disappointing flings—when a man grabs me from the street and carries me off the Neverland.

A madman.

Granted, he probably saved my life, and the island he has brought me to is beautiful, the sights including three more hunks like him.

He says his name is Peter Pan and this is Neverland, he says they have been waiting for me and I may be the one…

Yeah, he sounds like a madman, all right.

A pity. He's so pretty. And so are his friends.

Peter and the Lost Boys, living on an island where the mermaids sing in the sea and creatures named Reds roam the land.

It sounds like a fairytale.

But if Peter is mad, the rest aren't much better. Dark forces seem to be at work here, and I'm caught in a web of fear and doubt.

The Lost Boys turn out to be violent, vicious men and I am their plaything.

Caught in a web of desire and pleasure.

Am I really the one they have been expecting?

Can I save them?

And do I even want to?

Please note: This is book 1 in a trilogy, so it ends in a slight cliffy. Apart from the usual dark romance warnings, M/M is a thing in this trilogy.

About Mona Black

Mona Black is a Fantasy Romance and Reverse Harem Romance Author. She writes about Fae, shifters, and witches, and of course, love. She loves fairy tales and long sagas of magic, and especially loves characters who redeem themselves and find their happily ever after.

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