New Release: American Flyboy by Cindee Bartholomew

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American Flyboy

A Billionaire Romance

By Cindee Bartholomew


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His name is Maximus Aurelius Moore —an American Flyboy with emerald green eyes. 


When the Italian tabloids identified the Italian/American grandson of the Liotine Dynasty as a rising star to watch as Italy's most eligible billionaire bachelor, the unwanted publicity sent the eighteen-year-old headed straight to an American military recruiter. In secret, he signed away six years of his life, determined to be his own man. 


Now, on the verge of entering the family business, Aurelius visits Vegas, and something that's never happened before occurs. Something that turns his carefully controlled world upside down. His heart reacts for the first time ever when he sees a Vegas dancer perform. 

Although a woman in her line of work is forbidden to a billionaire heir, she is exactly what the possessive alpha wants and needs, and he arranges a meeting, intent on making her a secret proposal she can't refuse.


But before he can carry out his plan, things go to hell in a hurry, and he's left alone, wondering where she is and when she will return. Then she walks across the parking lot in his hometown... 


American Flyboy is a hot, steamy, explosive slow-burn, how-is-this-even-possible virgin contemporary romcom novel about a grumpy secret billionaire heir and his forbidden love affair with an all-sunshine funny, flirty, dirty dancer. 

About the author:

Cindee Bartholomew is an Amazon Chart author, writing billionaire romcoms with the perfect blend of steam, sass, and soul. 

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Cindee also writes as Jessika Klide and Stingray23. 

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