New Release: When Secrets Become Nightmares by Candace Dowds

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When Secrets Become Nightmares 

Genre: Psychological Thriller

By Candace Dowds


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Tate has lost so much in the past four months. Between her mother dying and her grandmother passing from a broken heart, there isn't much more she can take.

While evaluating the deaths, it becomes clear that her mother's demise wasn't an accidental overdose. Mere weeks after the only mother she knew, her father moves a new woman and her son into the house.

Tate will soon be sent into a tailspin trying to uncover the truth.

About the author

Candace began writing after the passing of her son in 2009. It has been an emotional release for her. She is supported by her family and friends. Other than the time she is writing, she sits back for hours reading books by her favorite authors, Tijan Meyer, Rachel Vincent, Richelle Mead, Colleen Hoover, Claudia Gray and so many more. That or she will go for a calming drive while listening to Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshal Mathers or The Rap God, whichever you would like to call him. Her kids are just like her, sarcastic, but fun loving. The rules she lives by 1 Don't take life too seriously 2 Don't live up to others ridiculous expectations 3 Surround yourself with people who love you for you 4 If life becomes too much, have a stiff drink and start again tomorrow.





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New Release: Flirty Sexy Love by Evelyn Montgomery

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Flirty Sexy Love

 3 Short Stories in 1 Novella

By Evelyn Montgomery


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3 sexy short stories in 1 novella!

Better than Expected

A chance encounter in a bar leaves this doctor speechless. Running into the woman of his dreams again in his sister’s lingerie store, he’s forced to face facts and hard dilemmas. Embrace the uncontrollable lust he’s feeling for the girl who dragged him into her dressing room and is quickly undressing in front of him, or say no to any and all distractions.

After all, the hospital has been his life’s work, and he’s never let anything distract him. Until now.

Serendipity & Lucky Floor Thirteen

Crashing into the arms of a stranger in an elevator, lucky gets the odd sense she knows him from somewhere. But she just can’t place where or how. When he presses the stop button and they’re both suspended between floors twelve and fourteen, he takes matters into his own hands and gives her pleasure she’s sure to remember long after their sexy ride to the top.

Walking to her hotel room alone, she wonders if she’ll ever see him again, and soon realizes not only that she will, but he’s also the owner and CEO of the hotel she’s staying at. And that’s not all. Maybe, just maybe, she was right about their paths crossing a very long time ago. Question is, does he remember her like she remembers everything about him?

Hot For Teacher & The Kama Sutra

Practically a virgin at twenty-two, Delilah is curious to know what these crazy sex positions are that her friends keep bragging about. She’s only been with one boy, one time, and now finds herself hiding away in the back corner of the library sure no one is watching as she studies The Kama Sutra.

But someone is watching, and he can’t force himself to look away.

The only problem is, she looks very mature for her age and he’s sure she must be faculty. There are rules he has to follow as a new professor on campus, and he can’t afford to screw up his first week on the job.

Forcing himself to keep his hands off her, he thinks he’s in the clear. That is until he runs into her at the local bookstore and then all bets are off.

All too soon though, Delilah finds herself sitting in his class, forced to play student to the new hot professor all the girls are lusting over. Now that they both know who each other really are, will he act like nothing ever happened between them? Or will he teach her all about what she’s been missing? The Kama Sutra included.

About Evelyn Montgomery:

Born and raised in California, Evelyn Montgomery now resides in Central Kentucky with her husband and three children. Writing all types and troupes in romance, her novels include love stories that center around contemporary, suspenseful, thriller, phycological, comedy and much more. One thing readers can always except when reading one of her books is a twist somewhere between the pages they’d never see coming. With over 10 novels currently published, her goal is to keep producing a fictional world that isn’t forced, but genuine, heartfelt, and desirable.

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Cover Reveal - Until Korry by KL Shandwick


Until Korry


By K.L. Shandwick


Genre | Trope: Contemporary Romance | Rockstar Romance | Second chance | Marriage pact 

Cover Designer – Francesca Wingfield at Wingfield Designs

Release Date – May 31

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One minute I was that uncool kid who hated piano lessons.

The next, a high school dropout, playing in a start-up band.

A year later, that band, ‘Screaming Shadows’ was one of the biggest in the world.

Life was phenomenal apart from my one regret, that I’d never had the guts to tell my best friend, Blaire Hutton my true feelings about her.

As we grew up, I believed Blaire was my soulmate, but as she was every teenage guy’s wet dream, I remained her nerdy school friend.

That was until the night before I headed out on my first big tour when I’d kissed her goodbye and we’d jokingly made a pact, that if we were both still single by thirty, we’d give up and marry the other instead.

For a decade I’d held on to that pact, and with each year that passed, I became convinced she would wait for me. But I’ve just heard that at twenty-nine was getting hitched… and it wasn’t to me.

My dilemma is, do I go home and try to claim what I’ve grown to believe is mine, or was I delusional to think she’d ever want me in the first place?

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New Release Tour: Shadow Wolf by Lilliana Rose


Shadow Wolf 

Protector Wolf Shifter Series Book 1

By Lilliana Rose


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US | UK | CA | AU

Available on Kindle Unlimited


Kodiak must protect Tamaska against vampires who want her dead.


The leader of the vampires wants to capture Tamaska. She needs someone to protector her against a world she has no idea about. That someone is Kodiak, but she doesn’t trust him.  


If Kodiak fails at protecting Tamaska and the vampires kill her, they will cause death and destruction on earth. His alpha disagrees and forbids him from protecting Tamaska. The pack must be committed to each other against the vampires and not be distracted by a human.  


There's a bond forming between Kodiak and Tamaska and he is compelled to protect her.  


Who will he choose, his pack or Tamaska? Or will Tamaska break his heart and risk everything he is trying to protect? 


Fans of Twilight, Shadow Hunters, and The Winx Saga will devour Lilliana Rose’s world of unexpected adventure and dark imagination. 

About Lilliana Rose:

Lilliana is a creative writer and poet. She writes in a range of genres, because she loves writing and is filled with a variety of ideas and characters that insist being penned on the page and told in a story to be shared with the world. From rural romance, to steampunk, fantasy, horror, and now young adult her writing genres keep broadening. A marketing nightmare, but she believes in following her heart. Sometimes you can't control how the muse will strike!

She is currently working on a historical fiction novel and focusing more on life writing.

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Rebrand Release: Seven Thousand Miles by Vi Summers


Seven Thousand Miles

The Complete Duet

By Vi Summers

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US | AU | CA | UK

Available on Kindle Unlimited


A COMPLETE DUET (Books 1 & 2)

I needed to escape. To spread my wings where my ex no longer had a hold over me.

America promised renewed friendships and finding myself again, so colliding with a rude stranger was a complication I didn’t want, need, or expect.

He turned out to be my friend’s brother, and staying with their family at their lake house was a disaster waiting to happen. Austin frustrated me one minute, then turned smolderingly sweet the next.

When he exposed my soul-crushing secret, I could no longer hide behind the smile. Instead of backing off, Austin began to lower his walls. Turns out, beneath the flirtatious, carefree exterior, he was just as broken as I was.

We began to heal each other, making every second of my vacation count, and accidentally falling in love until I returned home with a heavy heart.

But it didn’t end there.

Not by a long shot.

About Vi Summers:

Vi Summers hails from New Zealand.

She is a tea addict, cheese fiend, beard lover and hot-mess Mumma, all rolled into one International Bestselling romance author.

When you read Vi’s books, you can expect “heat, heart and suspense”. She loves breaking her characters before putting them back together.

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Cover Reveal: After the Ashes by DL Gallie


After the Ashes

By DL Gallie


Cover Designer:Amanda Walker Design & PA

Release Date: April 1

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I never pictured a life without Kip. It was supposed to be me and him until the end, but the universe always has a way of screwing things up.

Moving on after losing him wasn’t something I thought I was capable of, but when Penn Brookes comes into the picture, I realize I’m not so alone.

Suffering the same kind of loss as me and trying to be the best dad he can, I start to gravitate toward him.

We’re one in the same, building our lives around broken pieces, and suddenly, something I never thought possible happens.

That spark I’ve only felt once before returns and ignites something deep inside me.

Can we overcome our grief and build something great, or will the circumstances of the past burn down the future we want?

About DL Gallie:

DL Gallie is from Queensland, Australia, but she’s lived in many different places all over the world. She currently resides in Gladstone with her husband and two kids. She and her husband have been together since she was sixteen, and although they drive each other crazy at times, she couldn’t imagine her life without him.

Shortly after her son was born, DL began reading again. With encouragement from her husband, she picked up the pen and started writing, and now the voices in her head won’t shut up.

DL enjoys listening to music, drinking white wine in the summer, red wine in the winter, and beer all year round. She’s also never been known to turn down a cocktail, especially a margarita.

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New Release: Until Deakon by KL Shandwick

 ★✩★ NEW RELEASE ★✩★

Until Deakon 


By K.L. Shandwick


Genre | Trope: Contemporary Romance | Rockstar Romance | Broody Rock Star | Alfa rockstar

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Have you ever stopped to think your actions will ever come back to bite you? Me neither.

Did I, Deakon Brosley of Screaming Shadows, ever think I would care? Not for a second.

For years I lived life to the fullest and could have cared less about what other people thought. That was until I felt a magnetic pull to someone I couldn’t ignore.

That person was Sadie, my bandmate’s damaged, snarky housekeeper who has the personality of a toad. The maddening thing about this is it’s girls like her I’d normally go out of my way to avoid. Sadie’s easy on the eye. Physically, she’s my type … from her incredibly long auburn hair, right down her cute, little painted toes. But that’s not the burning attraction. It’s more about the wired connection whenever she's near me.

Part of my problem is I sense it’s a two-way thing, but the girl won’t budge on her mood. Not that I blame her. I usually don’t do romance or relationships, they’re more trouble than they’re worth.

She’s arrogant, discourteous, impertinent, and rude—this list is far from exhausted.

So how come I can’t get her out of my head and find I can’t resist her? Beats me.

The attraction I felt was instant, but that was before she spoke. Hell, perhaps in some sadistic way I get turned on by being slapped down by her vindictive, scathing tongue. This point is a real possibility because since I’ve lived with fame, it’s rarely ever done.

My bandmate, her boss, is overprotective of her, and constantly warns me off. So why am I so persistent and determined to get under her skin? Could it be that one damaged soul has found another?

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New Release: Sinner's Obsession by Bianca Borell

 ★✩★ New Release ★✩★

Sinner's Obsession

A Brother's Best Friend Dark Romance

Syndicate of Sinners Book 1

By Bianca Borell


Genre: Dark Romance

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When sin and innocence collide, passion ignites.

Aurora McNamara refuses to continue living in fear. More than anything, she yearns to be free from her cruel father and his nefarious plans.

When she’s whisked away under the cloak of darkness, her circumstances take an unexpected turn.

Unwilling to allow her choices to be taken from her once more, Aurora plots her escape. But how can she tear herself away from the one man whose skilled touches and tantalizing kisses leave her breathless?

Kieran Hunt belongs to one of the world’s most feared syndicates. Cold. Ruthless. Jaded. A merciless sinner with no conscience and no regrets. His sole goal is to destroy the man responsible for his father’s death.

By honoring a blood oath, he claims Aurora as his wife. But what was meant to be a marriage of obligation instead awakens intense feelings he can’t ignore.

Aurora, with her innocent beauty, is his and anyone who dares to challenge that will feel his wrath. Can a marriage filled with secrets and ever-lurking danger survive? Or will their blooming love prove powerful enough to overcome all obstacles?

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Rebrand Reveal: Voclain Academy by Jordan Grant


 Voclain Academy

Books 1 - 4

 A High School Bully Romance

By Jordan Grant

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Find the Series Here

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Also available as a Complete Series:

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From Book 1: A tortured antihero bound to a brutal contract.

A broken heroine with a sharp tongue.

A relationship that could save them both if she’ll allow it.

Ian Beckett, according to Harlow:

1. Voclain Academy’s drop-dead gorgeous, all-star quarterback.

P.S. Dear Ian: See number one and take the drop-dead part literally.

2. Sole heir to a massive family fortune that dates back centuries.

3. Wicked bane of my freakin’ existence with a PhD in dirty talk.

P.P.S. Dear Ian: Think of your mouth like a plane door. I’m gonna need you to keep it shut for the duration of our flight.

Harlow Weathersby, according to Ian:

1. Stunning creature with a smart*ss mouth I want to devour.

P.S. Harlow: Can we stop this already, sweetness? We both know you want me.

2. Blonde angel delivered from heaven straight into my lap.

3. Beautiful girl caught in a game she never wanted to be a part of and doesn’t understand.

P.P.S. Harlow: Stick around. I’ll teach you the Rules, sweetness.

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Release Tour: Love, Anonymous by Keighley Bradford



Love Anonymous

Love & Other Words Book 1

By Keighley Bradford


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99C Limited Time

Amazon | Apple | Nook | Kobo 

Genre | Tropes: 

Contemporary Romance | New Adult Romance | College Romance | Friends-to-lovers | Childhood sweethearts 


To the outside world, Samantha "Sammy" Eastwood is just your ordinary girl. Grade A student, aspiring journalist, and an introvert who'd much prefer to stay home reading than have a night out partying. However, Sammy has a secret not a soul can ever know about - she's the founder of Love, Anonymous, an anonymous love letter page for her peers on campus are obsessed with.

And it all started because of him. Byron Ashford, her former childhood best friend. Law student by day, PT by night. The player who unknowingly broke her heart.

When Sammy ghosted Byron a year ago, it had almost broken him. No text, no note - nothing to explain what had gone wrong. Crossing paths again in the most unlikely of places, Byron becomes determined to win back his best friend, no matter what it takes. He'll pose as her project partner and write some sappy romance story. He'll fake date her roommate just for a chance to see her face. Hell, he'll even give up pursuing other women, if she agrees to his proposal.

Their new arrangement seems to satisfy them both...until it doesn't.

Will their relationship survive when the secrets and revelations of Love, Anonymous come to light? Will Byron forgive Sammy for running away when he discovers the reason she left? Can a simple love letter bring these two soulmates back together?

About Keighley Bradford:

Keighley Bradford is an Australian romance author and creative industries professional based in Newcastle NSW. She has a Master of Creative Industries, specializing in Writing, Publishing, and Marketing. Her background is in creative writing, 

arts administration, copywriting and editing, and social media marketing.

Keighley is passionate about supporting the arts community, working and volunteering in the Hunter literary scene at festivals and local writers’ organisations. She is the Memberships, Publishing, and Marketing Officer at Hunter Writers Centre.

Keighley is undoubtedly a perfectionist who spends most of her time stuck behind her laptop working. Over the years, her short-fiction pieces have been published and won several awards. In her spare time, you’ll find her drinking hot coffee at a local cafe,

or binge-watching a new series on Netflix.


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