RELEASE TOUR - The Sacrifice They Made by Jade Royal


The Sacrifice They Made 

Imprinted Mates Series Book 2

By Jade Royal

Genre: Paranormal

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Within the heart of the Wessex pack, Maddox, loyal beta, has long bided his time, avoiding the quest for his destined mate while he awaited the alpha's victory in this pursuit. With the alpha's own mate now secured, Maddox is finally free to seek the one who completes him.

But Enya is not looking for a protector. She's on the run, hiding from a fate she never wanted. A fiercely independent spirit, she refuses to become a 'kept woman' in a world where the pack's expectations loom large. Her path diverges from their traditions as she searches for opportunities beyond its boundaries.

And the concept of fated mates? She dismisses it as nothing more than a myth.

In this unfolding romance, a clash of wills and desires, their paths collide. Maddox is determined to prove that love is undeniable, even in a world ruled by instinct and tradition. Enya is determined to chart her own course, untethered by fate. But as they grapple with their budding connection, an unknown threat haunts their territory, and Maddox must step up to protect them.

Can Maddox, a wolf who's always followed their ways, find a way to lead his own destiny, convince Enya of their connection, and safeguard their home from this mysterious menace? They'll both learn that sometimes, destiny has its own plans.

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