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Sinner's Salvation by Bianca Borell
A Pucking Good Christmas by DL Gallie
Reign of Royal by Samantha Barrett
Austen Echoes Series by Riana Everly
Shockproof by Xavier Neal
Sinful Addiction: Book 2 and My Only Addiction: Book 3 in The Lamont Series by Cole J. Powell
Jade: Hidden Scars by A. Akinosho
Clinically in Love by Andrea Marie
Hunted Fae Series by Mona Black
The Last Seraphina Series by Stephanie Swann
Caught by Fate by Annee Jones
Diety Bound Romance Collection
The Billionaire's Devotion by Amelie S. Duncan
Sexy Pucking Polar Bear by Jenny Fenshaw
The Gunnery Sergeant's Ready-Made Family by Kathleen Ryder
Reckoning by Shannon Heighton Hicks
Fake It Til We Make It: A Fake Dating Romance Collection
Mistletoe & Markets: A Christmas Market Romance Collection
Second Time's A Charm: A Second Chance Contemporary Romance Anthology

Breaking The BFF Pact: A Best Friend's Brother Romance Collection


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