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Brutal Hearts

A Dark College Romance | A Wicked Empire Standalone

By Jordan Grant


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— Archie —

I was born into an easy life, and I like it that way.

Easy money.

Easy sex.

Easy … every-damn-thing.

But that luxury came with a price, and it’s almost time to pay it.

It’s senior year, my last one of freedom before I inherit the family empire and watch my dad gleefully sail into retirement on the tails of his fifth—sixth? —divorce from my mother.

I’m the golden boy of Arlean University, the first-line running back with so many touchdowns they call me Bring-It-Home Blakely. Men want to be me. Women want to be beneath me.

I do what I want. When I want. To whomever I want.

I am revered. Adored. Utterly untouchable.

Or so I thought.

A red-headed transfer student with a know-it-all complex and Satan’s temper threatens to ruin my birthright.

She saw something she shouldn’t have and stuck her nose where it didn’t belong.

Then, she smiled at me when my father introduced her as his fiancé.

Game on, future Mrs. Blakely.

— Layne —

I have fought for everything I’ve ever had.

Food, shelter, safety, life.

Twenty-one years ago, I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time to the wrong woman.

I learned to survive on my own and to do whatever it takes—beg, borrow, and steal—to stay alive.

Every night for as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of vengeance, and no one, especially the god of my new college, will stand in my way.

I don’t believe in gods anyway.

I don’t believe in forgiveness either.

I believe in blood for blood and pain for pain, and I will make it rain down from my hands in a thunderstorm.

I’ll destroy anyone who stands between me and what’s mine, and I won’t shed a tear while I do.

There is no quid pro quo in my world. It’s take it or leave it, all or nothing.

Get out of my way, golden boy, or I'll tarnish your gilded armor black before this is over.

**Note from the author: Brutal Heartsis a dark enemies-to-lovers, college romance. It features mature themes including an explosive heat level, bullying, and, like my other novels, struggles with mental illness.**

*This is a standalone novel but part of the larger Wicked Empire universe, which follows characters introduced in my Voclain Academy series after they leave high school and enter adulthood. Reading the Voclain Academy series or Vicious Love, the first standalone dark college romance of the Wicked Empire universe, is not required to enjoy this book.*

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