Mission: Bella Rayne (Born To Fight Task Force)


Genre |Trope: Contemporary Romance | Military | Security | Age Gap 

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Bad boys are my bane. My weakness? The cute player.

The one who charms with smoldering looks, wicked grins, knowing smirks, and unspoken challenges.

Jayden Evans is all those things and more.

He's not just a bad boy. He's a badass.

But ten years is a lifetime.

A lot of water has flowed under my thirty-year-old bridge. I've been married, abused, and divorced. The last thing I need is to fall for a man who has no idea what life is all about.

But he's cute AF and his smirk makes me forget my age, my troubles, my issues. His smoldering stare takes me back in time when love was supposed to be beautiful. He may be younger and not experienced in life's hard lessons, but he's not a coward nor weak. He's a Navy SEAL.

And he's promised that we will 'stay frosty.'

We won't get emotionally involved. It'll be strictly sex.

No strings. No drama. No feelings for each other.

Only physical pleasures.

I would be a fool not to take him up on his offer. But if I do, I have to be careful.

My ex-husband, Manny Morales, is meaner than evil.

When he returned to Mexico to take over the Diablo gang, I refused to go with him.

But I know he has spies. If he finds out I'm seeing someone else, Spanish may become my only language.

Navy SEALs are trained to "Stay Frosty."

Keep our emotions under control.

Stay alert and on our toes.

When I met Bella Rayne Parker, she tested my training.





Everything girls my age aren't.

She's just what I need to survive this lifestyle.

She doesn't know it yet, but she's already mine.

“Stay Frosty, Mission: Bella Rayne” is a standalone story in a series of interconnected rescue romance novels.

About the Author:

Jessika Klide lives in LA ...Lower Alabama, is married to her high school sweetheart of 40 years, and has a mammoth mule named Thor. Her husband is a former Army Aviator who flew UH1 Hueys in the 1980's and who currently flies as a volunteer with Friends of Army Aviation. She has a deep respect and love for the men and women of the US Armed Forces and writes about hot, alpha military men and the sexy, strong women that love them.

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