Teaser Reveal: Resist by Michelle Fernandez


Resist is coming! 03.15.2023 The Broken and Beautiful Series Book 1 by Michelle Fernandez is #availablenow to #preorder for #99c


Genre | Tropes: Contemporary Romance | Sports Romance | Bodyguard romance | Security | Middleweight Champion | Fake girlfriend.

Release Date: March 15, 2023

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The last person I ever expected as my assignment is Dean Kraygen. Middleweight Champion of the World and Sexiest Man Alive.

He thinks I was hired to be his fake girlfriend. What Dean doesn't know is I'm to gather intel and protect him from someone who has been making threats to distract him from winning his last fight.

Sure, any woman would kill to be in my shoes. But I don't like him. I loathe his kind and his world all because of my past.

But he got to me. Little by little, the walls I built start to crumble.

What was supposed to be a facade, has become all too real, and I have no choice but to resist him, at all costs, or I will be destroyed for good.

Resist is the first book in The Broken & Beautiful Series and an extension of The Broken Hero Series. Resist is also a crossover from Till I Found You and Distracted and features the hero and heroines you've gotten to know and love..

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