New Release - Love on the Range: Romance Anthology


Love On The Range

 A Cowboy Romance Anthology 

The New Romance Café 

Collection Book 37


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope: Cowboy

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From Montana mountains to Southern plains, there’s nothing more romantic than a lonesome figure and the girl who can tame a wild heart…or is it the other way around? 

From mountain men to wild child women and snowed in cabins, read these stories of courageous hearts fighting for each other through harsh odds…and always finding each other.

Participating Authors:

Wynter Ryan

Amy Stephens

Angelica Kate

Sophia Vincent

TB Mann

Harper Michaels

S L Hollister

Bonnie Poirier

Cynthia Terelst

Chele MacCabe

Francis Black

Jane Poller

Annee Jones

Heather Scarlett

A.R. Bell

Sonja Flowers

Sofia Aves

Anna Allen

Ellis Worth

Gabbi Powell

T S Simons

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