Countdown Blast: Sawyer and the Bookworms by Mona Black

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Sawyer and the Bookworms, A Contemporary Sweet RH Omegaverse

The Candyverse 3 by @Mona Black is coming in 3 days!

Release date – June 28

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Omega Sawyer O'Connell is one proud owner of the Book Café, a cat called Potato, and a bevy of awesome friends. He participates at the book club of the local library, plays videogames and reads books, and isn't lonely.

Never. Not ever. How could he be lonely? He's so super busy all the time and he's surrounded by lovely people.

And yet…

Newsflash: cats and books can't fill the void of a mate in your life.

So, no matter how cute Potato is, he can't replace the need of a pack.

Not to mention that Sawyer's parents have given him an ultimatum: choose a pack and tie the knot, or lose your business.

Enter Brinlee, fellow bookworm and sweet, pretty girl, hiding secrets and staying distant—and the McGraw Pack which consists of three otherworldly hunks who think they don't need more mates.

Perfect, huh? Not complicated at all.

Cue scent-match, interests-match, personality-match, and full-out fatal attraction, and everyone's well-thought-out plans go down the drain.

What happens when the pull is so strong your rational brain decides to go on vacation, leaving primal instincts behind the wheel?

A crash.

A disaster.

A chance to change direction?

With his first heat coming on, Sawyer has to decide between losing everything and gaining a pack, between taking a leap of faith and taking control of his life, giving into his feelings, or hiding in yet another book's pages forever.

Can he trust that love will find a way?

* This is a sweet omegaverse standalone novel with low angst, four gorgeous guys and a delta girl who find happiness together, accepting themselves and finding trust and love in each other. This story contains M/M, knotting, heats and ruts. Please note that this is not a shifter story, but it is set in a world where apart from gender, we have a designation as alpha, beta, omega, or more. Omegas are more submissive and are generally paired with dominant alphas. This is an oversimplification of course; I hope that in the course of the story it all becomes clear. *

What to expect in this book:

• Delta FMC

• Cinnamon roll mates

• Dark pasts - broken girl

• Why Choose with MM

• Found family

• Adult FMC

• Multi 1-per2on POV

• Contemporary Omegaverse

• Standalone novel

• Scenting, nesting, knotting, heats and ruts

• Male omega in the pack

• Lots of book talk

Start the Series here

Bee and the Honey Crew - Book 1


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