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. When former Navy SEAL Jeff Crockett witnesses an attempted kidnapping of a young girl, he makes a conscious choice to save her. But what he doesn't realize is how that singular decision will change his life forever. It is the catalyst for a new career and the event that opens the door to love.

What happens to former Navy SEALS when we enter civilian life?

Do we stop serving our country? 

Stop giving a damn about the mission we've been trained for? 

Stop caring about our fellow Americans who are unable to defend themselves? 

When I came face to face with human trafficking, I was forced to answer those questions.

My answer is and always will be "HOOYAH!"

I refuse to fail in the fight for freedom, and I am not alone. 

I am Jeff Crockett, founder and CEO of Cock Blockers, Inc.

A private securities corporation made up of former SEALS and support team members.

We target for rescue and recovery victims of human trafficking smuggled over the porous southern border.

Our motto: Freedom is the only option. 

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