Genre: Contemporary Romance | Military | Security

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Release Date: JUNE 17

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A chance encounter changes everything.

She meets a stranger. He meets ... his obsession. <

Written expressly as a steamy romance for her Heroes For Hire Romance series, "I Don't Mind" revisits Jessika's bestselling "extremely sensual" serial series with a deep-dive into the mysterious and complex character of Maximus Aurelius Moore, aka Hardcore, adding his 'sultry' take on their love-fest and draws from four books in her Soulmates - Sexiness and Secrets series.

When billionaire bad boy, Hardcore Aurei Moore's business associate requests his opinion on a niche Vegas business, he has no idea that what he will witness will unravel his safely crafted web of secrets, threatening his way of life. But that is exactly what happens when Aurei sees Seary. Stunned by her beauty, spellbound by her graceful dance, he is changed --forever.

When Siri Wright leaves Vegas behind to return to her small town in Alabama, the last thing she expects is to meet a man who not only sets her soul on fire but who intends to unravel her cleverly constructed secret life, threatening her safety. But that is exactly what happens when Mr. Sexy moves into 9G down the hall. Stunned by his handsomeness, captivated by his masculinity, she is changed --forever.

Can they successfully traverse their secrets and find love?

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