A Love Permit Novel Book 3


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Trope: Second Chance | Amnesia Romance | MM Romance

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What happens when a man you can't remember has more memories of you than you have of yourself?

Clay's football career is brought to a halt after losing his memory in an accident. When he moves back to San Diego, he hopes familiar surroundings will bring back his memory. He doesn’t expect to be slapped in the street by the most interesting guy he's never met before. Or has he? Why else can't he get the image of the high-heel-wearing guy who owns the queer lingerie shop from his mind?

After years of a secret relationship with Clay, Jeremy called it quits. But when he told Clay to forget about him and move on, he never counted on that actually happening. Now two years following their breakup, Clay's family wants Jeremy to help fill in the gaps in his memories. Will Jeremy be able to handle poking around old wounds? Or will revisiting these memories remind them of all the fun times they had and how much they are still in love?

Let Me Remind You is a new book in the Love Permit series and can be read as a standalone. It is low angst with intense moments and features an MC who’s fabulously fem without apology. Expect lace, sweet walks down memory lane, and falling in love all over again.

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Gianni Holmes is a book nerd who pretends her obsession with Thor is completely healthy. She enjoys computer games, word games, and anything that will make her LOL. She loves bingeing on funny 'old but goodie' sitcoms such as I Love Lucy, The Golden Girls, and The Andy Griffith Show. She writes her characters with sass at the bottom, substance in the middle, and snark on top.

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