Killer Fiction

A small-town murder mystery with big secrets (A Hope Ridge Mystery Book 1)

By Rosemary Willhide

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59637413-killer-fiction

Genre: Cozy Murder Mystery

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A small-town murder mystery with big secrets.

When a phone rings in the middle of the night, it usually spells trouble.

For best-selling author, Caroline Carter this is no exception.

Before Caroline’s cell jolts her awake, her biggest issue is her current bout of writer’s block. From the second she answers the call in her California home, everything unravels.

Her half-sister, Kaitlin has been brutally murdered and the police only have one suspect, her brother, Jamie.

It forces Caroline to go back to a place she loathes, her home town, Hope Ridge.

Hope Ridge, Pennsylvania is a small town where nothing ever happens. Everyone knows your name—and your business. In Hope Ridge, everyone knows the reason why Caroline has been running away for over twenty years.

Her past is complicated. Her family is complicated . . . and her family secrets could be deadly.

PUBLISHER NOTE: A Small-Town Murder Mystery containing adult language, violence, and sexual themes. 78,000 words.

About Rosemary Willhide:

Rosemary is an actress, turned fitness instructor, turned author of romantic suspense.

She's told stories and entertained people her entire life. Writing is her favorite because she doesn't have to leave the house or put on pants! Plus, the voices in her head do what she says, for the most part!

She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Bill and their adopted senior pooch, Brownie. She still teaches cycling classes. She claims they keep her sane-ish!

If you pick up one of her books you're in for a ride full of suspense, humor and page turning drama. Also, there will be a rescue dog for some extra tail wagging fun.

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