A Dark Paranormal Mafia Romance

Syndicate Masters Northern Lights Book 1


Tropes: Paranormal | Mafia | Dark | shifter | Lions 

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Delta James, a new standalone dark Syndicate Masters romance.

I am a pawn in a dangerous game. One he will take by any means.

Years ago an alliance was made between the Tiamat Syndicate and the Northern Lights Coalition. I was promised to Gunnar, the head of the Blood Eagle Syndicate. Our families believed an alliance was the only way to prevent all out war.

With my father dead, my brother Joshua refuses to force me into Gunnar’s bed until the he needs to forge an alliance with Gunnar against a common enemy-the Bratva.

I am a pawn to both sides. So I ran. I ran as far as I could to get away from him. I should have known better... Lions love to hunt.

Once he catches me he expects me to play by his rules. He thinks he can bend me to his will. It would be so much easier to fight him if we weren’t fated mates.

When the Bratva attack, can I use the war to escape him, or will I join him in the battle?

Alliance is a seductively dark paranormal romance in the Syndicate Masters, Northern Lights series. It is an arranged marriage romance, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers.

Buy Alliance today if you love a little bite in your mafia romance.



Joshua looked at the leash and collar in Colin’s hand. “Let me guess, glad I sent a few of the lads with you?” He took Marley’s shoulders and pulled her close in his embrace. “I’m sorry, Marley.”

“I’m not,” she said looking him square in the eye and bringing her knee up into his groin before slamming her foot back down on his instep.

As Joshua howled in pain, Marley roared in defiance and called forth her lioness, shifting and springing away from the lot of them. She could hear Joshua shouting orders as his men shifted and began to chase her down. She didn’t plan to make it easy, nor did she mean to go down easily.


“There is nothing to be negotiated,” growled Gunnar beginning to lose his patience. “Your father needed the help of the Blood Eagle Syndicate, and we gave both blood and money. Your sister was promised to me as part of the bargain that was struck. She is my mate and I have come to claim her.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible.”

Gunnar whirled around to confront Knight. “Why not?”

“It would seem my dear sister has decided to extricate herself from the mess left by our father and is no longer at Arsalan. The note she left for me indicates she has no plans to ever return.”

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