Rise Up

The Phoenix Force Series: Book 8

By Rebecca Barber

Release Date: July 1

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Jade Hawthorne lives her life in the shadows, sticking to the fringes of society.

After being honourably discharged from the Marine Corp she joins the Phoenix Force elite special ops team.

But she's being hunted.

A ghost from her past is coming for her, and what's left of her Marine family.

The only people she can turn to are the women of the unit known as Phoenix Force. They are the only ones that can help her end this tyranny once and for all.

Now Jade is not only fighting for her friends and her family.

Now it's her life on the line.


This Special Ops Force Series has one big difference…

The members are ALL females.

They each have a reason to seek vengeance.

They will cut through the frustration of red tape.

Together, they will deal out justice for the victims and find it for themselves.

Together, they are PHOENIX FORCE.

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