Book Review Tour: Losing Neverland


Losing Neverland


Reverse age gap | Second chance | Romantic suspense | Dark romance

Steamy | Spicy

By Evelyn Montgomery

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Dark Peter Pan Retelling

What if Peter Pan & Hook were the same man?







All is not as it seems in Neverland.

As for Peter & Hook,

well I know the secret most don’t.

The real truth behind the myth.

The hidden wonder you’ve never known

disguised as the notorious legend.

I know the nightmare that brings

Hook to his knees.

The concealed facts which bring out

nothing but his ruthless darkness.

I know the inescapable reality that one day

changed Peter Pan forever.

I witnessed Peter’s inevitable fall from grace.

His loss of innocence.

A destiny he one day couldn’t fly away from.

All you’ve ever been told is a lie.

A hoax.

A pixie trick.

I know the truth because - I’m their ruin.

I’m their demise.

I’m the end of what was &

the beginning of what’s to come.

My name is Wendy Moira Angela Darling.

I’m the inescapable fate they couldn’t defeat.

The chosen one who inevitably forces

their surrender.

And I’m the reason for losing Neverland.

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