NEW RELEASE: Jean’s Discovery The Uncovered Gene by K. Redd

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Jean’s Discovery

The Uncovered Gene: Book One

By K. Redd


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What if everything you knew about yourself was a lie?

Jean Anderson felt like an outsider her entire life.

Abandoned at birth, she endures the torment of bullies who make her question her worth. But everything changes when the truth of her origins is revealed through an extraordinary college genealogy project.

A single DNA test shatters Jean's entire existence—a shocking result, defying all logic and reason.

One of her birth parents isn't exactly…human.

As Jean delves deeper into the mystery of her otherworldly heritage, she is thrust into a realm of unimaginable danger.

Hunted by a relentless madman, desperate to exploit her unique DNA, Jean embarks on a perilous quest to find her long-lost family. Every turn she takes exposes her to deceit and turmoil, forcing her to question who she can trust.

With each secret that comes to light, Jean faces a tough decision: should she embrace her true nature or hide the truth?

Prepare yourself for an electrifying sci-fi rollercoaster ride of suspense, danger, and self-discovery. Jean's Discovery will seize your imagination, leaving you breathless with its originality, captivating excitement, and an eye-catching narrative that will forever linger in your mind.

Jean's Discovery is a thrilling sci-fi adventure of suspense and self-discovery.

 What to expect in this book: 

Family Drama


The Outsider

The Red Herring

Mysterious Parentage

Fish Out of Water


Rogue Agent

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