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Beyond Starlight

An Alien Fated Mates Limited Edition Box Set

PUBLISHER: Storyteller Publisher 22, LLC

GENRE | TROPES: Sci-Fi Romance | Fated Mates

Release Date: November 19

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Participating Authors:

Diana Dawn

Susanna Eastman

Demelza Carlton

Katrina S. Karter

Danielle Forrest

Clare Dugmore

Star-Crossed Love by Diana Dawn


Kira’s planet's sun had suffered collapse, destroying her world and everyone she loved. As part of the Gundrie race, Kira's crystal pendant with its energy source of their planet's sun would allow her to live forever. She was one of only two left of the Gundrie. The other was a man she despised. If you are one of the last of a race that lives forever, how can you find everlasting love?

Tropes: End of Civilization, Enemies to Lovers, & Reluctant Lovers

Captive Heat by Susanna Eastman


She was captured by sex slave traders, and he was her only hope.

When intergalactic trader Jaden Zoma rescues beautiful teacher Mia Townes from sex slave traders, she thinks her problems are over. Being kidnapped was awful, and Mia can’t wait to get back to the family that means everything to her.

Jaden is dedicated to helping those in need and never expects to need anyone else. He has few roots, and he likes it that way. Their paths should never have crossed.

But when their bodies are sabotaged—first by the slavers and then by nature—they must put aside honor and virtue to save each other.

What happens when their crazed journey ends, and it’s time to move on?

Tropes: Sex slave, MMC hero, Alien Abduction

A Cup of Sin: An Alien SciFi Romance by Demelza Carlton
A Tale from the Colony: Vice Series


Sinclair has one goal in life: to survive her sentence on a prison ship full of male prisoners so she can go home and live her life again. Until the ship's systems start to fail.

Edward prides himself on being a model prison guard, obeying all the rules. Until Sinclair steps aboard his ship. She's everything he ever wanted…and everything he can't have.

But when disaster strikes and they're stranded in space, a little sin could mean their salvation…

Tropes: Prison ship, Stubborn MC, Model Citizen Gone Bad

Starry Eyes: A fated mates alien romance by Katrina S. Karter


My life turns upside down when my girl’s trip is invaded my aliens. I have sworn off men. Do aliens count?

It was the worst breakup of my entire life. The end of all of my hopes of having a family with the man I thought was my soulmate, the end of … everything. But the worst thing about all of this is the high-priced, 5 nebula class all inclusive honeymoon suite he convinced me to spend my entire savings and Christmas bonus on. The jerk wanted me to take it out of my name so he could still go…. It turns outs I was wrong. Turning my honeymoon vacation off planet into a girl’s trip my very well be the end of me as aliens crash the party.

Tropes: Alien Abduction, Alien Invasion, Fated Mates, Alien Romance

Matched to the Alien Workaholic by Danielle Forrest


Zenhan wanted nothing more than to do his job. It was his passion. He lived for it. But his brother, and now his boss, had other ideas. They thought he needed a break.

Except, a vacation wasn't the only plans his brother had made for him. He'd signed Zenhan up with a matchmaking agency, and his new mate was going to meet him there.

Their meeting goes badly enough, but the icing on the cake?

Finding a weapons cache in the quaint little cabin they're expected to stay in...

Tropes: MMC Workaholic, Stubborn MMC, Matchmaking Agency

The Starlight Prince by Clare Dugmore


A love story written in the stars.

Hunted for being a witch, Madelyne longs for somewhere to belong and performs a full moon spell to find her true love.

Across the galaxy, Kalas completes the aeons-old celestial ritual to show him the location of his fated mate.

Enchanted by Madelyne’s beauty, Kalas flies to Earth to find her.

And, with nothing left for her on Earth, Madelyne agrees to accompany Kalas to his home planet.

But as Madelyne adjusts to her new life, old doubts linger, and she just cannot understand why someone like her would be worthy of the crown prince.

Madelyne has spent her entire life being told she doesn’t belong, and now Kalas must convince her it’s more than just ‘fate’ that makes him want to claim her as his own.

Tropes: Magic drawn love, Fated Mates, Crown Prince MMC

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