We offer a variety of Book promotions, whether you have a New Release or a Backlisted Book you would like promoted, a Book Tour, Rebrand or a Sale.

Book Promotions Available:

Cover Reveal:

Release Blitz:

Release Boost:

New Release Tour:

Pre-Order Blitz:

Audio Reveal:

Audio Release:

Audio Blast:

Teaser |Trailer Reveal:

 Cover Reveal | Release Blitz package:

Book Series or Review Tour:

Book Blast | Sale Blast | Backlist Blast

Combinations are available on request

Review Grp 

We also have a dedicated Review Grp with 230+ members who are extremely active. If you are wanting reviews on a book or even a Review Tour please contact us for more information.

Promoting Platforms 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, HTML provided for all Wordpress and Website postings.

** For pricing on any of the above mentioned promotions please email: **

Late Night Book Support Grp on Facebook 

- Clients also have the option to have the following in our 14.6K + member group

Below is a what you are available to book with us t any time to promote your book or celebrate your New Release.

~ Release Parties~

Celebrate your New Release with a party held in Late Night Support Grp. Contact us to book in your next party.

~Pop Ins~

 This is a single post with a giveaway.


(15min, 30min or 1 hour options available.)

**For more information on any listed promotion or to book a date in Late Night Book Support Grp please contact us below or message us on Facebook:


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