Pretty Captivated

Rough Necks Series Book 3


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Captivated by his beauty, I trusted him since I had no one else to turn to. His strong and chiseled features are mesmerizing, pretty even. He's shown me what it means to be loved. I want to do the same, but how when he puts me on a pedestal and refuses to take me down?

Her beauty is pure. Unadulterated. Captivating. She reminds me of a past I'd rather forget. But how can I when she's all I've ever wanted? I vow to help her and let her go. I won't let history repeat itself. But she's making it hard when all she wants to do is stay.

Together, we are Pretty Captivated.

About Stormy Winds

Stormy grew up a quiet shy girl. Never one to be in the spotlight, it wasn't until she met Rayne that she found her words. Her stories are based in part on her life and a lot on her imagination of how she wished things would have worked out.

When she isn't working during the day at her normal job, she is hiding away reading or writing. Stormy also loves to dabble in graphics and hopes to share more of her words with readers.

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