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Murder changes everything.

As a teenager Bianca had the perfect life.

Model student, loyal girlfriend and perfect daughter.

Except she wasn’t any of these things.

Tired of living by other people’s rules,

Bianca fell in love with taking risks, rebelling, and bad boy Damian Banner.

Just as Bianca is ready to break free of the life everyone else wants her to live,

her plans are halted by a gruesome murder.

Covered in blood with the murder weapon in hand and no memory of what happened,

Bianca’s forced to give up the boy she loves in exchange for her freedom.

Now he’s back. And Bianca’s world is turned upside down.

Can she convince him to forgive her and give their love a second chance?

Or will she be forced to spend the rest of her life pretending to be someone she’s not?

Broken Pieces is a compelling story of love, sacrifice and murder. 

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