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Breaking Stone
Book 5 in The Stone Series
By Dakota Willink
Release Date: August 30

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Her voice cracked. I looked up and saw a deep well of tears pooling in her eyes. She blinked, and the tears spilled down her cheeks. Dropping my hold on the shirt, I reached up to touch her face. I ran my finger over her forehead, wishing I could read her mind. Her agony was in plain sight, but the solution to what ailed her was out of my reach.

Leaning in, I pressed my lips to hers, using my mouth to express everything words could not. I ran my hands up the base of her neck and into her hair, gathering the thick mass and holding her head still while I plundered her with my tongue. The salty taste of her tears blended with our saliva, and I strengthened the kiss. She responded with a violent passion. Her breathing went from quivering to panting in desperation. This woman—the very essence of her—was my weakness. I would do anything to chase her demons away. 

Breaking Stone is the stunning conclusion to the International Bestselling series, where Alexander & Krystina’s devotion to each other will be tested like never before. Will they finally get what their hearts desire, or will the Fates give them a challenge that will break them?

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