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Nasaru of Earth Book 3


By Adrienne Steele

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It’s time to rally the troops!

But ‘the troops’ are winged immortals with trust issues… and half of them are a little sus.


So much for my To Do list.

The Etu Daku infestation has grown beyond anything we’d imagined as our mortal enemy experiments on Prime – humans of Earth – in order to… what?

I have no idea, but they’re targeting my Chosen.

Now I’ve got to get my cadre of over-powered and under-prepared Chosen ready to face the enemy of a lifetime.

But I can’t lose sight of my plans for Shamash. My Judge, my Chosen, and when he ascends, my kiang.

My mate for eternity… but first I have to get the rest of this shit sorted.


My life as a Chosen is starting off great!

I’ve been abducted – three times now! – and killed… Twice!

But I’m still going, tumbling toward a relationship with Ashur (abduction #2 – 10 of 10, would recommend), who brought me back from the dead.

My life has taken a turn for the surreal as I get ready to face the Etu Daku (abduction #3, dreadful, terrible… would NOT recommend). Ashur might want to side-line me, but I’ve had their cold ring around my neck, invading my brain.

This is what I was Chosen for, and I won’t let him hold me back.


I’m so done with being the sad girl.

Am I ready to forgive my lovers for their lies?


But I’m also not letting them go, so Inti and Menewa better get ready.

They wanted a Bloody Queen?

They’re about to get one.

Judged is the third book in The Nasaru of Earth, a fantasy/sci-fi romance series. It features a lot of very powerful, very sexy aliens with wings, on-going investigative shenanigans, and more than its fair share of smexy times… some of which are aerial in nature.

Also, there’s a cliffhanger.

About the Author

Adrienne isn't from any one location, but she currently resides in sunny California. She's lived in roughly half of the states in the Southern USA (East and West) and has seen some of the world, but not nearly enough. Travel is hard with a menagerie of one dog, three cats, and a snake, though, so she and her husband have to choose wisely. 

Writing is a new endeavor, but exciting, and she's currently working on Book 2 of the Nasaru of Earth series, Chosen.

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