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Accidental Amnesia, a Risqué Fairy-Tale Billionaire Romance by #jessikaklide is currently on S*A*L*E for 99c December 4 - 10!

Genre |Trope: Contemporary Romance | Security romance | Alpha hero | Amnesia | Risque fairy-tale | Greek-God bodybuilder | Billionaire

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It started with a dare.

It ended with the truth.

All the consequences in-between are what make up this hilarious modern-day risqué retelling of Sleeping Beauty's Fairy Tale featuring a Greek-God bodybuilder Apollo Galanis and the beautiful bored billionaire but amnestic Tania Taylor.


When former Navy SEAL turned physical trainer, Apollo Galanis approaches a beautiful new walk-in guest Talia Taylor intending to welcome her to his gym and offer to 'spot' for her. He overhears her on the phone saying, "You double dog dare me?' Then she guiltily looks over her shoulder and is startled to find him standing right behind her.


Consequence #1: Taking a panicked step, she trips over a barbell.

Consequence #2: Flailing as she falls, she loses the grip on her phone and sends it flying.

Consequence #3: She twists to catch it and misses but bangs her head hard on the side of a treadmill.

Consequence #4: Apollo, feeling like a heel for causing her to fall, and with a case of oh-shit-lawsuit-itus, carefully rolls her over. With only a small goose-egg bump over her temple, she smiles up at him, "Well, hello, Mr. Universe."

Consequence #5: Relieved she's all right and glad she's okay, he chuckles and answers, "Hello, Fallin' Angel." But then she passes out —cold.

Consequence #6: In the ambulance, she wakes and can't remember ... ANYTHING!

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