Book Tour: Violence & Roses by Justin Bourne Boring

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Violence & Roses

A Thousand Scars for You

By Justin Bourne Boring


Genre | Tropes:

Dark Fantasy Romance | Dark Paranormal Romance | Enemies to lovers

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Bizarre worlds full of savage fighters collide explosively with fraught, forbidden love in book two of the “Thousand Scars for You” series!

More than a hundred years after a barbaric, bloody gender war between the Sinteverete sorcerers and the Pentavi shapeshifters ended in subjugation of the Pentavi women; an even bigger, more incendiary fight is brewing within the Earth realm. This burgeoning conflict threatens to ignite an apocalyptic war throughout all the realms, where no man, woman, demon or beast is safe.

Mina, the hated Yasmani Ro renegade daughter of outlaw lovers from the two warring clans, is finally ready to come out of hiding and throw down with the myriad of murderous hunters that seek her head. Born of fire and ice, she represents the only power in the realms strong enough to crush the Sinteverete clan’s Master Elder and take on his immortal and unstoppable army of mindless Steplescar soldiers.

However, as fierce as Mina may be, she requires help with her impossible mission of revenge and retribution. Unexpectedly, she finds assistance - and allure - with her most reviled and fearsome adversary, an otherworldly barbarian known as Mayax the Malevolent. Together they unite a motley crew of unlikely combatants who help her liberate the Pentavi, unite the clans, and carve a path through the monstrous Steplescar army to salvation.


Violence, Blood, War, Foul language, FF relationships, FMF relationship, MF relationship

About the author:

I live in North Carolina with my beautiful wife and my lovely stepdaughter. I work as a CT tech during the day, but my true love is art. I am an artist and writer at heart. I enjoy bringing my characters to life and challenging my writing skills by changing genres. My beautiful wife is the one who got me into romance. I love living in the mountains and hiking but have lived all over the country and enjoy writing about all of these various locations.

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