Series: The Big Easy Murders Book 4


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I’ve walked in more than one pair of shoes being head of my family. I’ve shouldered the whispers, and rumors that surrounded my father, but I’ve never confronted what was right in front of me…the secrets. It’s time to stop ignoring the obvious. If I don’t, I’m going to lose the one person who single handily drug me from the darkness. I can’t go back now that I’ve seen the light. 

Dani… one simple name rights me every single time. Sonny’s slipping away from me. I can feel it, see it, hear it. It’s surrounding us. His family holds the answers and at times I feel I unwillingly am a part of the secrets. 

She’s still stalking him even after death. 

Jess… will he ever get over her. Or will it simply be him getting over me. 

About the author:

Lover of Chocolate, martinis, and shoes …

Roux Cantrell resides in a quaint college town on the north shore of New Orleans with her husband and her Hemmingway cat named Monster. 

She loves all things Halloween and throws a hell of an over-the-top party every year.

Her love of writing started in school when an unwilling Roux was forced by an English teacher to read an urban fantasy. She became hooked on books after that.

If your fast enough to catch up with her she is always up for a chat.

“Within every mind there is a place to travel. You just have to be willing to take the trip.”

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