Born to Fight Task Force #3


Genre: Contemporary Romance | Military | Security | Dark Romance

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To the victor belongs the spoils.

My life changed in an instant when my best friends were killed in a car crash. Having planned a vacation to the Virgin Islands together, I decided to go ahead on the trip, but I sank into a depression fueled by survivor's guilt. That is ... until a beautiful barbarian boarded the yacht to steal my freedom. He feels more like a hero coming in hot than a pirate coming in cold.

When Alejandro Barbados (undercover DEA Agent Gabriel Managus) leads a pirate raid, he finds a beautiful woman crying on deck and recognizes her as the sister of a SEAL. In a split second, he makes the decision to go rogue and rescue her, risking not only the mission but their lives.

Note: Coming in Hot does precisely that as a dark romance with BDSM undertones.

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