Adventures of the Misfit Monsters – Book 2

By Lily Rose

Genre: Middle grade | Children's Fantasy

 Children's Monster Stories | Steampunk 

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The Jumble Sale (Adventures of the Misfit Monsters Book 1) 



Nit, part vampire, part elf, with a little bit of shade, is a little moody and misunderstood, which makes him a perfect target of blame for the missing objects. But he hasn’t been taking them. With his friends accusing him, can he clear his name alone?

Mab is part ghost, part troll, with a little bit of genie. She’s curious and clever and weaves in a bit of magic in everything she invents. She is also the only one who believes Nit is innocent. Can Mab convince the stubborn conclusions of the misfit monsters are wrong before they go too far?

With help from his friend Mab, Nit needs to find the culprit before he’s locked away or worse: banished forever.

Enter the world of the misfit monsters, their quirky lives, and be part of their fun and adventures. 

About Lily Rose:

Lily Rose has a big imagination, it is natural for her to write in the paranormal fantasy and science fiction genres for young readers. She had a lot of fun creating the fantastical shadow fairies for The Wing Thief, to show the value of forgiveness and personal growth. Lily Rose is also the author for the misfit monster world for The Jumble Sale, for middle-grade readers. Her values in recycling and upcycling, and developing a community where all help each other and work together were important to incorporate into the story. 

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