The Soul Keeper

Book 6 in The Lost Souls Academy

By Lilliana Rose

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59608599/

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


The time has come to deal with the enemy. Zarya must finally go up against Abaddon whether she’s ready or not. But there’s more than one enemy as chaos begins to unfold at the Lost Souls Academy, and Zarya can’t do this alone.


Zarya will need her new skills and her friends if she’s to survive and remain alive.

About Lilliana Rose:

Lilliana is a creative writer and poet. She writes in a range of genres, because she loves writing and is filled with a variety of ideas and characters that insist being penned on the page and told in a story to be shared with the world. From rural romance, to steampunk, fantasy, horror, and now young adult her writing genres keep broadening. A marketing nightmare, but she believes in following her heart. Sometimes you can't control how the muse will strike!

She is currently working on a historical fiction novel and focusing more on life writing.

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