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Bad Blood and Freya’s Revenge: A Duet in The Phoenix Force Series

By JA Lafrance - Author  and Susan Horsnell  are available to read as standalones within the series and on #kindleunlimited NOW!


Bad Blood: Book 6

By Susan Horsnell and JA Lafrance

US | UK | AU | AU

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Freya’s Revenge: Book 12

US  | UK  | CA  | AU 

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Blurb from Bad Blood:

Daisy had her entire life mapped out… She was career military. There’d be no love interest. No marriage. No children. It wasn’t for her. Until… Her plans change instantly, and she is lost until Claire, the team leader of Phoenix Force, turns up on her doorstep and makes her an offer too good to refuse. There is bad blood between Daisy and a former special ops teammate, and she sees Claire’s offer as an opportunity to obtain the information she needs to settle the score. Now she’s found herself doing a job she loves and pining over a man she can’t have. Will an unexpected trip to New Zealand finally reveal the truth?

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