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Diving to the Top

By USA TODAY Bestselling Author: Susan Horsnell


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When Joanne McCarthy was given the opportunity to join a company as a Construction Diver, in a world dominated almost completely by men, a long-held dream finally came true.

Joanne was aware the career she had chosen didn’t have a glass ceiling for women that would be difficult to shatter—It had one of solid steel which couldn’t be penetrated.

Or so she thought.

Less than four years later, the respected construction diver found herself in a position she never imagined was possible. Somehow, Joanne had found a way around the steel barrier and was now running her small part of the world.

Boston Canon, a respected scientist, cared about the ocean and the creatures who call the environment home.

When he and his business partner finally received permission to research the ocean and reef nearby a new platform, he was elated.

What he wasn’t prepared for was the beautiful woman in charge. A woman whose work was in opposition to his own.

Can these two find common ground?

Or will their opposing work goals tear them apart?

The first 10 chapters were first published in the Run the World Anthology

EXCERPT – Boston’s POV

“I did some reading on RigAsher while you were gone. It’s a small setup but they have a reputation for winning large contracts. Campbell is progressive and embraces change which is why they are extraordinarily successful. Two weeks ago, he appointed a woman…a construction diver…as Crew Foreman.”

"A woman? I knew they had women working the platforms as riggers, maintainers, and cooks, but no idea there were any female construction divers. It's a career path where the 'old boys club' is strong and most companies are stuck in the last century. And Crew Foreman…Wow! She must be something special."

"Well, it appears Campbell isn't part of the old-fashioned club and has recognised her ability. She's hot too, come and look."

I followed Olly to his desk, and he hit a few keys on the keyboard. The woman’s face that flashed up on the screen had my package taking more than a passing interest.

About the author:

I’m an Australian author who lives in Queensland when not travelling and I write in a variety of Romantic sub-genres, including Western, Historical, Gay, Mafia, and Contemporary Romance.


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