Solhaven Forevers

3 book series

By Liz Martinson

Publisher: The Romance Café

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Love By Sunset #1


Love By Moonlight #2


Love By Sunrise #3



There’s something about Solhaven—Solhaven and love seem to go hand in hand, so beware if you visit.

Laid-back Jake has sworn off commitment, but falls for business woman Emily. Sweet Claire wins over Daniel, who arrives full of despair. Lizzie lacks confidence and is helped through her angst by the mysterious gardener, Anton.

Perhaps it’s the sea air? Maybe there’s a kelpie keeping watch who likes to lend a helping hand?

Whatever it is, true love is found in the tranquil and beautiful coastal scenery of south Wales, with its secret coves and peaceful beaches.

You’ll fall in love with Solhaven itself, and which couple will prove to be your favourite?

About Liz Martinson

Liz Martinson is the award-winning author of four novels, all of which have a romantic theme, but which also contain many of life's issues woven through the hero and heroine's story.

Belonging and Ullandale are published by Next Chapter. Counterpoint has been re-issued with a new cover and revisions under the banner of Larkhill Press and Takeover will follow soon.

Ullandale has received a Chill With A Book Premier Readers Award, and Counterpoint and Takeover a Chill With A Book Readers Award.

Liz has recently signed a contract for three novellas, to be published in the summer of 2023, by Romance Cafe Publishing, and she is also revising a historical novel which, she admits, is a new venture.

She uses research and her own experiences in travel, British countryside, hill-walking and kayaking to fuel her writing.

In her spare time, Liz enjoys a wide range of activities, which include cycling, reading, and taking photographs, as well as cooking and music.

Having completed a Creative Writing course at the University of Lancaster, Liz finished with a Distinction, and in the past has also been a runner-up in the Good Housekeeping Short Story competition.

She hopes you enjoy reading her books, and if you feel you can leave a comment and rating, that would be great. Feedback is always valuable.

Her website can be found at, and Liz can be contacted by email - Find her on Facebook, as well -

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