Bee and the Honey Crew

Candy Verse #1

By Mona Black


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Bee Robinson’s dream is to be an omega. What she is, though, is a weird beta on the run from her ex and her small town. Weird as in unusual, as in being a lot like an omega, rather than her official designation. It’s what got her into trouble with her ex and her family. But now she’s about to get her life straightened out. A new town, a new job, new friends, and a chance to accept who and what she is. Learn from your mistakes, isn’t that what they say?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Only her new friends also seem to think she may be an omega, and so do the members of the St. Laurent pack who instantly start courting her. A pack of four gorgeous males, each with their own insecurities and doubts, a pack needing her to cement the bonds that make them a family, needing her to join them as their mate.

A family… Does it matter if you’re a beta or an omega when all you need is to accept yourself as you are and see where it takes you? Her new friends and the pack seem to think so, and in the end Bee may have to let nature take its course, come what may. At the end of the rainbow, there will be a happy ending.

* This is a sweet omegaverse standalone novel with low angst, four gorgeous guys and a curvy girl who find happiness together, accepting themselves and finding trust and love in each other. This story contains M/M, knotting, heats and ruts. *

★ What to expect in this book:

The guys fall first

Established pack

Teacher among the alphas

Omega awakening

Cinnamon roll mates

Why Choose with MM

Found family

Grown-ass FMC

Multi 1-person POV

Contemporary Omegaverse

Standalone long novel

Stalker ex

Scenting, nesting, knotting, heats and ruts

Male omega in the pack

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