NEW RELEASE - Beautifully Forgiven by Tara Lee

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Beautifully Forgiven

Book 4 in the Beautiful Series


By Tara Lee

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What to expect

➜ Mafia romance

➜ Hitman 

➜ Possessive/ OT hero 

➜ Virgin heroine 

➜ Praise Kink

➜ Knife Play 

➜ Dub-con 

➜ Age Gap

➜ Dark romance

➜ Suspense

➜ Angst


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They call me The Ghost and for good reason. I'm not just good at what I do, I'm the best but one night everything changed. 

The only thing I loved, the only thing I cherished was taken from me. 

Now it's his turn to pay. 

Savannah Demetrius is my revenge. 

My payment. 

She will pay for her father’s sins. Lines start to blur but one thing I know, I'll never let her go. 


I’m thrown into a nightmare when the man known as The Ghost takes me. He took me to teach my father a lesson. I’m payment for something my father took. With each passing day, I lose hope of ever escaping. 

Jacob Kipling is a dangerous man, and he plans to own me; mind, body and soul. He begins to break my walls and slowly my feelings change. 

He may have taken me against my will, but will he become the one to save me? 

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