SALE! Sinner's Obsession By Bianca Borell

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Sinner's Obsession: A Brother's Best Friend Dark Romance by Bianca Borell is on S-A-L-E for 99c from December 4 – 9 only!!

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 When sin and innocence collide, passion ignites. 

Aurora McNamara refuses to continue living in fear. 

More than anything, she yearns to be free from her cruel father and his sinister plans for her. 

When she’s kidnapped under the cloak of darkness, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Unwilling to allow her choices to be taken from her yet again, Aurora plans her escape. But how can she tear herself away from the one man whose touch and tantalizing kisses leave her breathless? 

Kieran Hunt belongs to one of the world’s most feared syndicates. 




A merciless sinner with no conscience and no regrets. His sole goal is to destroy the man responsible for his father’s death.

To honor a blood oath, he claims Aurora as his wife. 

But what was meant to be a marriage of obligation instead creates feelings he can’t ignore. 

Aurora, with her innocent beauty, is his. Anyone who dares to challenge that will feel his wrath. 

Can a marriage full of secrets and ever-lurking danger survive? 

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