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Jade: Chances Are

A Second Chance Secret Baby Age Gap Romance (Book 2)


By A. Akinosho

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Five years ago, I took the money, signed my love away and ran far far away as agreed. Now, I accepted the job that would be a game changer for my company and my team. Unfortunately, for me he’s a partner in the company that hired me.
We now work in the same office, which is too close for comfort and I must hide my secret from him. It gets harder everyday with every lie I tell. I’ve asked for a divorce, he laughed at me. My fiancé is a perfect shield from him but for how long can my shield stand?

I’ve waited five years for her, now she has a fiancé and children. That hurts
I know she’s hiding something from me, even as she perfectly weaves lies and truths daily. I intend to find out what she’s hiding and if she thinks there’ll be a third time of her getting away from me, she’s in for a rude awakening. She’s mine and I’m never letting go.

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