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End of the Road

Iron Back Warriors #6

By Shannon Heighton Hicks

Release Date: June 28

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What to expect:

πŸ–€ MC Romance

πŸ–€ Enemies to lovers

πŸ–€ New Beginnings


Plagued by guilt over the events in Tennessee, Dave convinces Pope to travel north instead of returning to the MC. 

Along the way, Dave finds a place he can make his own in an old farmhouse off a deep river where he can plant and heal. Using his father’s journals as a guide, he builds a business, integrates into a community, and begins to feel whole again. The last thing he ever expected to find… was love. 

Summer Anne, a young mother of five small children, has known nothing but club life since she was born. Finally free of it, she never wants to venture back in. But fate has other plans. On a dark road she encounters a rough-looking stranger with haunted eyes. Summer refuses his help, yet he ignores her wishes and calls a tow truck for her broken down car. Her growing frustration turns to alarm when she realizes the garage she has been ushered to is an MC compound. 

Dave needs an experienced cook for his new business. Summer Anne longs for a better paying job. She sees him as the enemy. He sees her as a stubborn brat. Their personalities collide even as the attraction between them grows. Can they put their pasts behind them and come to a mutually beneficial arrangement? Or will opportunity, and a second chance at happiness, pass them by?

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