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Previously published as Stay Frosty by Jessika Klide.


"If you love fast-paced, action-packed, intriguing, age-gap romantic suspense, pick up this book. I can't wait to read the rest of this series." ~Eclectic

Bella Rayne Parker lives in fear of being found. As a teenager in Texas, she fled an evil man when she learned he was grooming her for sex trafficking. Deciding San Diego would be the safest place to live because of the Navy SEAL base, she frequents their bar, Suds After BUD/S, when she needs to unwind. 

When the too-cute-for-his-own-good and too-young-to-be taken-to-bed Navy SEAL with the permanent smirk comes over to order a round of drinks for his team, she brazenly checks him out, giving off what she thinks is an older sister vibe. But soon learns that to Jayden 'Jedi' Evans, the youngest Navy SEAL to make DEVGRU / SEAL Team 6 / Tier One in over a decade, age is just a number, and has no shortage of confidence and doesn't give a füćk that she's a cougar. She's beautiful and available.

What ensues between them is a whirlwind courtship built on lust but backed by trust. So when Bella's past collides with her present --detonating her cocoon, she learns you can run, but you cannot hide. Coming face to face once again with the demon she'd feared, she knows freedom is not optional.

All hell breaks loose when vengeance is served on a silver platter.

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