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Starlight Inn

Christmas at the Inn - Book 8

By Annee Jones


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Caught in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, Hope has no choice but spend the holiday at the Starlight Inn. Will she be touched by the magic of Christmas with a little help from a handsome stranger?

Hope Garland is at a crossroads. Nothing she does feels like it’s getting her to where she wants to be in life… It's time for a change. Leaving everything in Dallas behind was a difficult choice, but she’ll have to make sacrifices to get the life she’s always wanted, even if that means being away from home for Christmas in order to show up on time for her new job at the prestigious firm in Chicago.

Determined to reach her destination, Hope doesn’t stop even when a snowstorm threatens. But after a near miss on the highway, she finally decides to pull over and have a coffee while she waits out the storm. But the snow doesn't show any signs of stopping, and Hope soon realizes she has no choice but to spend the night at a nearby inn.

The Starlight Inn turns out to be the perfect place to spend Christmas Eve, and Hope is swept away in the comfort and cheer of the holiday—but can she put aside her worry over her new job and take the time to really appreciate what Christmas has to offer? Could handsome stranger Nick White, also stranded by the snowstorm, help her put things into perspective? Can she set things right before it’s too late?

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