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Till I Promised You, a Single Dad, second chance romance is currently F*R*E*E until November 15!

By Michelle Fernandez


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I was forced to return home and take care of my family’s ranch after the death of my parents. I left everything behind, including the one woman I loved and made promises to . . . Ryland O’Hare.

When the farm goes under, I run away from my failures with a duffle bag, and a one-way ticket to anywhere. Who would have thought I’d bump into Ryland in Switzerland, of all places?

I never stopped loving Ryland and hated myself for leaving her in the first place. We reminisced and rekindled the love we once had. Then I received shocking news that changed the course of my life, and once again, I am forced to leave Ryland with more broken promises.

After years of no contact, I run into Ryland again. With one look at my six-year-old daughter, Ryland does the math and assumes this is the reason I vanished.

What I did was unforgivable, and nothing could have prepared us for what came next.

**Disclaimer: This book is full of angst and a tear-jerker story. **

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