NEW RELEASE: Beautifully Protected by Tara Lee

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Beautifully Protected

By Tara Lee


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What to expect:

➜ Mafia romance

➜ Bodyguard 

➜ Possessive/ OT hero 

➜ Virgin heroine 

➜ Praise Kink

➜ Forbidden romance 

➜ Age Gap

➜ Dark romance

➜ Suspense

➜ Angsty

➜ Steamy chemistry


She's forbidden. Untouchable. My job. 

For the past nineteen years I've guarded her, protected her. 

When she turns sixteen, it all changes after she declares she's in love with me.

I do what I think is right and push her away. Mixing business and pleasure never ends well. 

But when her life is in danger, she turns to me and this time I can't push her away. 

I'm far too old for her, and her father is my boss, but things finally become clear and protecting her isn't the only thing on my mind. 


All my life I've been protected. Kept locked away for my safety.

I've only ever been in love with one man. He's guarded me my entire life. Always making me feel like a treasure he needs to protect. 

I hate how he makes me feel because I'll never feel this way about anyone else. 

When my father arranges a marriage for me unaware of my feelings for Nickolas I try my best to forget him and move on. 

When my life is threatened, he swoops in and keeps me safe. 

We cross the line and things begin to blur but I’m beautifully protected, I’ll be fine. Right?

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